Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Purple Craze, Raspberry Days, Mauve Haze

Purple Hair Love
So I have been gone a while and in that time I got a lush blue colour going on my hair, but im going to have to circle back to that as last night I went for a colour I have wanted for a long time.

I knew I wanted to go purple for a while now, I wasn't 100% happy with it last time it was purple but as with when I tried doing the pink again feel I know more about colours now, how to mix them to get what I want and how to keep them. With the blue base I had I thought it would take me a couple goes of colouring then fading in to the desired colour as I don't re-bleach or strip my hair, I only do the roots with a box blonde and fade out the colour. But WOW I was shocked when I got 100% what I wanted on the first go!! YAY

So first mood board

I have done purple hair post before >here< so just a couple.The best thing about making up your own colour is thats what it is, all your own but its always nice to have inspiration and ideas of where you'd like to go

All the images I used were random ones from tumblr but if it's yours and you want it down or want credit up please just mail me

Right enough of that, let's do this!

I re-did my blue about 2 weeks ago and had washed it a couple of times so it had faded out. If I was going for anything other than purple or green I would have faded it out more but blue is a good base for both those colours so went with it as it was.

The two colours I mixed up
<-- This WAS my left over coral pink. 
I made this more pinky as I knew the blue already on my hair would blend with it (see below for what I used to get this)
This WAS my left over blue -->
I added pravana violet and pink to get this. It is what I would think of as a good blue based pure purple.

I knew I wanted purple, my idea was to use the more pinky one to turn it purple and once that was set into my hair to use the other to keep up the purple. But really what I wanted was the more pinky purple I have ended up with, the beautiful mauve esk colour I have loved for ages but never been sure how to get. And there I go and get it by sort of accident. So a lid goes on the other one and im sure I will use it soon

 My left over coral pink. This was a mix of Pravana dyes magenta, wild orchid and orange, > see here <
I then just added some more magenta and some more wild orchid in tiny amounts until I felt it was how I wanted.

Slap it on, use gloves unlike me 
Please ignore my pale skin, no make-up, fat fingers, bad light, hair dye t-shirt!!

I then pop a plastic bag on INSIDE OUT! Really don't put the outside on your hair, I did that once and when I took it off I had red T from the tesco bag on my forehead. I left it for aaaages, a good couple hours and washed it out with cold/luke warm water and applied argon oil and left it to air dry

I am just so in love with it, I really didn't think I would be this happy on the first attempt. Now I have to work out how to keep it like this! Haha will have to add a little blue into the dye colour I think.

I really recommed the Pravana dyes. I know alot of people with pastel hair colours use things like Directions and Manic Panic which are both great brands, but pravana on ebay is the same price if not cheaper, has more product and is more pigmented so it's a money saver all around and you can mix them up to get some amazing colours.

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